How you can help

Contact us. You can volunteer to contribute to any of our strategies, through our contact page. Watch this site for more information as we develop those areas of work.

Tell us your story. Have you ever been put or kept in a mental hospital or mental ward against your will? Have you been forced to take medication you didn’t want to take? Have you been subjected to electroshock or research without having the chance to challenge or reject it? Have decisions about your mental health treatment been made without anyone consulting you?

The information you share will be used in our human rights reporting. We may want to share your story on this website, in published reports or in other advocacy or outreach, but we will ask you for permission before using your information in any way. Please send us your story via our contact page with the following information:

  • Your name:
  • Country, city and state:
  • Any information about yourself, your life, work, and activities that you would like us to know:
  • Describe what happened when you were given treatment and/or confined in a hospital or institution against your will. You may want to describe physical, mental and emotional effects that this had on you, as well as the details of drugs and dosage, electroshock, restraints, isolation cells, or other measures that were done to you, and how you were treated in general. It would be helpful to describe how the coercion or force occurred, whether there was a legal proceeding related to it, and how it turned out.
  • Please include when and where it happened, how long it continued and what kind of communication you were able to have with others of your choice, including your family, friends, a lawyer, a therapist, etc. Also include whether the forced treatment and/or confinement has ended or if it still going on.
  • How has your life been since that time? Have there been any negative consequences to your health, education and work opportunities, housing, general standard of living, relationships, access to benefits, etc.?  Have there been any positive consequences?
We may follow up with further questions for more complete details.

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