Our mission

We are working for the repeal of mental health laws in the United States and Canada that allow people to be deprived of their liberty, drugged, restrained, electroshocked and otherwise treated against their will in the name of “psychiatric help.” The United Nations has called on countries to abolish such laws to comply with human rights obligations and has said that forced psychiatric treatment/interventions can amount to torture. The purpose of the campaign is to educate the public about all forms of forced psychiatric treatment/interventions and, most importantly, to take action to eradicate laws that allow these human rights violations to occur.

Strategies to Achieve our Goals

  • We are working to collect evidence of human rights violations by talking with people across the United States and Canada who have had direct experience with any form of forced psychiatric treatment/interventions and with people inside the mental health system who are sympathetic and would like to see changes made. We are working to make this evidence and these stories known to the public.
  • We are working to show the public that these human rights violations can happen to anyone and that the range of people who have been affected includes soldiers, children, teachers, lawyers, journalists, doctors, service workers … in short, all of us. There is no “them.”
  • We are exploring a number of ways to challenge mental health laws through legal action and to advocate legislative repeal.
  • We are working to collect and share information on alternatives to psychiatric incarceration and all forms of forced psychiatric treatment/interventions. Abolishing these laws and practices in no way means denying the kinds of help needed to support and guide us through difficult times in our lives.

We’d like your help in asserting our rights, and we’d like to help you do the same. Tell us your stories of forced treatment, and learn how to protect yourself.